Again Audience | Collage 5, 2012, 72,3x104,7 cm


This series deals with photographs of historically important performances. However, Dertnig selects the audience, and not the performers, as her motif, and posits these fragmented groups of people in a new, largely abstract, context. Thus, the collages are documents of an audience and performance history on the one hand; on the other, they create a space of its own, in which actions are made and conditions are redefined. Image details, which are used twice or threefold here, create a filmic effect. Dertnig introduces video, the medium that is so crucial for performance art, to the actually still image. It becomes clear that a refection on performance, performance history, and feminist practices are only completed when questioning the spaces, tools, and media of performance art at the same time – only with this can they develop new potentials.

(excerpt from the press release for Carola Dertnig's Exhibition at Galerie Andreas Huber 2012)


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