AGAIN AUDIENCE  |  Tacheles Speech


The Performance “Tacheles Speech references a text by Donald Judd from 1989. This text addresses the triangular non-place behind the Secession building. In my adaptation of the text the impossible possibility of this locus also gives rise to a displacement of various disciplines. A non-place/ a place without a function or a precise role attributed to it; no, there is NOTHING possible about that. And what must absolutely be anyway? Yet it creates pauses. Pauses to catch your breath, away from skirmishes that are actually superfluous.” Tacheles Speech is performed on a collapsible stage, adapted from Alexander Rodchenko’s designs.* This utilisation of the rostrum aims at a symbolic transposition of performative and socio-political practices into the quotidian once again. 

Ausstellung Unrest of Form, 2013, Secession

* The stage references a model for a workers’ tribune designed by A.M. Rodchenko in the 1920s and conceived as part of an – unrealised – USSR Workers’ Club. Rodchenko sought to create space for education and active participation in artistic, social and political questions. For everyone. The rostrum built to his plans is a free-standing, mobile structure that can simply be folded up after use. The dimensions of an extendable diamond-trellis fence determine the work’s spatial presence. In a live performance in the public triangular non-place behind the Secession, the artist speaks from this stage, then, together with the audience, transports it into the exhibition space, where it is re-assembled - in order to enter into a different public realm with everyone.