Temporary Installation, 2011-2013, Morzinplatz Vienna

Photo: Stephan Wykoff

What grows on Morzinplatz, on the green opposite Vienna's former Gestapo headquarters, sprouts TOO LATE. Featuring as a reminder of numerous neglects, the admonishing words TOO LATE, made up of stubborn plants, have been created by the artist Carola Dertnig and the landscape architect Julia Rode. A sign of protest shoving through the ground and into the collective memory. On a square dedicated to the memory of the persecution of sexual minorities in the Third Reich. The persecution and murder of homosexuals and transgender people in the years of National Socialism have been remembered TOO LATE ­ as it was TOO LATE when they were recognized as victims of National Socialism. Is it TOO LATE to use the square in a worthy manner? It has been waiting too long for it as it has taken too long to reappraise National Socialism in Austria: the right questions concerning the past were asked TOO LATE.
A wooden plank that rises to a height of 50 centimeters not only offers a better view of the planted inscription, but also provides an opportunity to consider the artistic intervention and the issue of the area not only in passing.
In collaboration with Julia Rode.