Performance, 40 min,
Solyanka Gallery Moskau, Red Cats Gallery, Los Angeles

Solyanka Gallery Moskau

In the performance piece Double Me, Double You, I therefore introduce an additional concept and with it a new technique—doubling. As a double, one attempts to resemble the original as closely as possible. Less important is the degree to which one wishes to identify and fill out this role with oneself.What are the differences between a double and a reenactment, copy, or appropriation? In my view, doubling causes a transfer of one’s own ego onto the other ego, enclosing it in a new way. What happens to the ego when one doubles?Does one take possession of the person doubled, appropriating the original artist? Does one become her? Does one take possession of the work from the inside? Or is it entirely different—a relinquishing and surrendering of ego? What emerges in this occupation? A hitherto unknown form of empathy, perhaps, because one is obliged to go outside oneself in order to put oneself inside a person and her work in this way.At two locations, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow, and RedCats CALARTS, Los Angeles, I  performed  an interview I once conducted with Yvonne Rainer on the teaching of performance. I will double for Rainer and my part will be played by someone else. I  also arranged for students and volunteers to perform some of my performances—Again Audience, Degueulasse, Stranger, Exile. As doppelgangers, we create the impression of an inexhaustible performing subject.

Cinematography & editing: Katharina Cibulka

Red Cats Gallery, Los Angeles:
Performer:  Lisa Dring, Joshua Morrison, April Totten and Rachel Yezbick
(curated by Ruth Estevez and Jose Luis Blondet / Part of the exhibition Chalk Circles )

https://www.redcat.org/exhibition/chalk-circles  ( link )  

Solyanka Gallery Moskau:
Performer: Carola Dertnig Maria Afrikyan, Yulia Gusarova Elena Akaeva, Natalia Prokhorova
On occasion of the exhibition : FEMINICITIES  (curated by Felicitas Thun Hohenstein)
Special thanks to: Marguerita Oseypan Fyodor Pavlov Andreevich  Simon Mraz