Danube traces digital wideness and other things
Carola Dertnig's exhibition at the Landesgalerie 2019 is based on excavations carried out in 2016/17 during the construction of the Landesgalerie in Krems. Medieval and Roman artefacts and generational changes intersect to prompt reflection: What does the seeping of the past into the present mean - is this enough of an impetus to be able to understand the present as a shaping of the past? How clearly do shifts in history occur? What consequences do constructions have for living and design spaces, how do they change paths and routes, how do they change the relationship between city and countryside?  back and forth between generations and places, memories and experiences, Dertnig places such stories and relationships and makes them visible in a variety of ways.
At the same time the exhibition a new nothing took place at Galerie CRONE Vienna with drawings, an installation and a performance.